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We specialise in Site Risk Assessments, Hand Arm Vibration Testing and Noise Audits within the UK and Ireland.

HAV Technology is a nationwide business based in Stafford, right in the middle of the country. Our aim is to work with you to keep your employees safe, improve efficiency - and avoid fines of up to £500,000. We offer a range of services such as Site Risk Assessments, Hand Arm Vibration Testing and Noise Audits for the UK Car & Commercial Aftermarket Industry in compliance with the latest UK Health & Safety regulations.

We also cover the bodyshop repair market and other manufacturing sectors in the UK and Ireland.

Our quick and non-disruptive risk assessments are designed to help you decide on what you need to do to ensure the health and safety of your employees who are exposed to noise and vibration.

We then issue certification to show your premises comply with HSE legislation. Failure to so do can lead to fines of up to £500,000.

For more information regarding our Site Risk Assessments, Hand Arm Vibration Testing or Noise Audits, please get in touch for a consultation.

HAV Technology Services

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On-Site HAV Testing can give the client full details of every Power Tool used in their workshops plus the vibration reading of each tool together with its Safe Working Time.
If any Remedial Action is required, you will be notified what is required to make the Power Tools on your site Safe & Legal to use.

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A Casella Noise Meter is tripod-mounted and moved to different locations throughout the workshop to provide an average noise value over the testing period. individual noise testing is also carried out with all the ancillary equipment associated with the workshop; this could include Compressors, Tyre Machines, Ramps, Oil Drainers, Oil Pumps, Jet Wash & Vacuum machines etc.

The report also gives individual noise values of every tool tested with advice as to whether Hearing Protection required, indicating whether this should be either Compulsory or Advisory.

The cost for this a Full Workshop & Ancillary Equipment Noise Testing is £150 per site, if it is conducted at the same time as the HAV testing. (All prices Plus VAT)

If you have an Operator/Technician officially diagnosed with Vibration White Finger (RIDDOR reportable), we can conduct individual daily “Trigger Time Trials” to accurately monitor their daily vibration levels. Normally over a minimum five day period with a set cost of £475 per week

All the HAV Testing is conducted live into our Cloud-Based Web Portal Storage System, this Data is available to our clients 24/7 (via encrypted Log-In Passwords)

The site is 100% General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliant

We also offer our Full Site Risk Assessment that covers all aspects of the Health & Safety requirements and risks associated with both Bodyshops and Service Centres.

Risk Assessments are a critical part of any business ensuring the health and safety of its workers. It outlines any hazards and evaluates the associated risks within the workplace. Its overall goal is to implement measures to remove or reduce any risks within the workplace.

HAV Testing, maximum set cost per site is £500.00 (Plus VAT)
The Full Workshop Noise Audit cost per site is £150.00 (plus VAT)
This is dependent upon the HAV & Noise Audit being conducted on the same day.
The maximum cost per site, for both HAV & Workshop Noise Audit regardless of how many Power Tools there are, is £650.00 (Plus VAT)


Many clients have expressed their satisfaction at the way we have conducted our on-site Hand Arm Vibration Testing; the understanding and acceptance of this system at site level has been very satisfying. Each Site Manager is shown through the system upon completion of the testing; we also give them a link to a YouTube video showing that shows them how to navigate around the HAV Web Portal.

If you require confirmation of our work practices, please contact any of the Health and Safety Managers detailed below who have assured me they will be happy to pass on their own experiences of working with HAV Technology Services to you, for both Hand Arm Vibration Testing and Noise Audit.


Sid Barnes: AMIMechE

Senior Test Engineer

Richard Bryans: Director

Principal Engineer

Terry Riley


Mick Field


Gary Johnson


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